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Tempus Joint European Project JEP_25236_2004

Title of the Project: ICM curriculum adaptation to the two-level system
Acronym of the project: EU-COMET2

Specific Objectives of the project:
  • Two level (bachelor/master) curriculum on ICM is developed at RSHU (RF).
  • Upgrading of existing ICM courses at RSHU.
  • Development of new ICM courses providing needed methodological support.
  • Preparation of a CD ROM educational module to allow wider dissemination of results.
  • Quality assurance of ICM Master's programme by means of students mobility and expert's assessment.
Reference number of previous Tempus projects in which consortium members have been involved:
JEP - 2729-91, JEP - 4797-92, JEP - 09365-95, JEP - 13242-98, JEP - 10814-99

Type and duration of the project: Curriculum Development (CD), 3 years

This project is financed by EU Direction general of Education and Culture

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