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     Cronogram to detail the date, the place of celebration and the activities to develop during the next meetings (in 2007) previously proposed and approval in the EU-Comet2 Working Meeting at UCA and reflected in the Second Report also approval for all the members.
     Any change, proposal or suggestion for the members of the project will be considered, accepted and welcome. The collaboration of all the members involved in the project is required.


Preparation of Case Studies (2.1) UCA, UA, UB, UL, UAL, RSHU Deadline:
30th April
All members should finish the proposed cases studies which have been assigned to each one.

Preparation of lecture notes on disciplines targeted to ICM needs (3.1) UCA, UA, UB, UL, UAL, RSHU Deadline:
31th May
Corresponding with the working group division, consortium members must provide materials and assessment to RSHU for the creation of the lecture notes on the different disciplines. A responsible for each discipline will be designated within the working groups. The preparation of the complete lecture notes version will be carried out by RSHU staff.

Students mobility :
3-month advisory training course on ICM tools at UCA (5.2)
UCA 16/04/2007 - 31/07/2007 5 RSHU students will spend a 3-month period at UCA for approbation of the developed curriculum on ICM. They will be clustered with Erasmus-Mundus master in Water and Coastal Management.

Selected students:

Student mobility. Next announcement 1-month advisory course and field practices of 5 EU students on Baltic Floating University. RSHU Deadline:
31th May
Students from EU Universities are going to have joint field practices using the BFU facility.
Quality control and monitoring (8):
Experts report
Independent experts Along 2007 The final educational products (upgraded courses (ref. 2.1), new courses (ref. 3.1) educational CD module (ref. 4.2), review "ICM education in Europe" (ref. 6.3), results of the RSHU auto evaluation process (ref. 7.1) will be as-sassed by experts whose opinion will be exposed in the form of a report which must include the overall expert evaluation.

Activities: Members involved in each activity:
Preparation of lecture notes on disciplines targeted to ICM needs (3.1) UCA, UA, UB, UL, UAL, RSHU
Technical preparation of CD module in English (4.2) EUCC-Mediterranean Center, RSHU
3-month advisory training course on ICM tools at UCA (5.2) UCA, UA, UB, UL, UAL, RSHU
Quality control and monitoring (8) Independent experts

Working groups: Members involved in each group:
1) Group on fundamental coastal sciences:: UCA (head), UA, RSHU, UAL???*, UL???*
2) Group on ICM disciplines: UA (head), EUCC-Mediterranean Center, RSHU, UCA, UB, UAL???*, UL???*
3) Group on coastal activities: UB (head), RSHU, UA, UCA, EUCC-Mediterranean Center, UAL???*, UL???*
4) Group on case studies: EUCC-Mediterranean Center (head) + all consortium members
* The institutions with a question mark (there were not any members in the last meeting at UCA) must confirm their contribution and collaboration to the different work groups.

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