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     Project sustainability is determined by the Russian Federation government resolution to adopt the two-level Application Forms; Tempus Joint European Project - 15/12/2004 system in Higher education up to 2008. In such conditions, the task of adopting the two-level system on ICM (bachelor/master) at RSHU, where currently is implemented the one-level system (manager-specialist) must be solved by RSHU, whether or not it receives the TEMPUS Programme support. However, the possibility of counting on international partners for the solution of this problem within TEMPUS Programme framework will undoubtedly lead to a better result. First of all, the realisation of the proposed project will allow to adapt the future educational programme to the European level from the very beginning, which in turn will facilitate the educational integration process in the ICM field, which is important due to the novelty and complexity of multi-displinar education.

     The elaborated curriculum must pass through the corresponding accreditation procedure in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. After the obtaining of the license the curriculum will be legalisated and RSHU will implement the two-level system.

     Agreements on mutual recognition of the educational programme among consortium member Universities also will reinforce the active implementation of the ICM educational programme at RSHU during the project execution, and after the completion of the project through staff and student exchange.

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