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The first project meeting, management and expert meeting among project partners to determine the main features of the first phase of the project.

Proposed Agenda points:
1. Project kick-off and management meeting
    - To comment the different issues of the grant agreement and to discuss the most important of them:
    • structure and payment
    • conditions and annexes
    • payment cycle
    • overview and amendments to the original proposal
    • to discuss and establish the Project management structure and launch the project activities.
2. Elaboration of ICM structure for the two-level system:
    - Analysis of current ICM courses:
    • presentation of relevant information on educational programmes and disciplines in ICM field at consortium member institutions and existing ICM-related international courses.
    • analysis and comparison of the educational programmes, disciplines in the ICM field and existing ICM-related international courses.
    • planning and schedule for the preparation of the review document "ICM Education in Europe"
    - Expert meeting at UCA:
    • discussion leading to the design and construction of the structure of two-level system, contents of relevant ICM-related disciplines, case studies and other teaching materials.
    • formalisation of requirements to the initial educational level of students.
    • creation of four working groups for the preparation of disciplines targeted to match ICM needs.
3. Dissemination:
    - Coordination of EU-COMET II dissemination activity with WICOP-Europe UNITWIN project and -IOC/ICAM programme.
    -Web site creation and support:
    • planning and schedule for the design and elaboration of the project web page.
    • presentation of information during the projects execution, including the projects results.
    • introduction of links to other ICM related sites (UNESCO/CSI, IOC, EUCC ICM News, etc.).
    • creation of interactive part of the web page for a wider and easier discussion of the teaching materials developed within the project framework.
    - Preparation of a Web-site meeting:
    • introduction of the information base, software provision used by EUCC for the dissemination of information on the coastal zone.
    • discussion of the project web site structure, and about the technology for interactive access to the discussion forum on teaching materials.
Purpose of each section and the order in which they will be discussed:
The order in which each proposal will be discussed is the same one as they are enumerated above.


Name/ Position Organisation
Alfredo Izquierdo Gonzalez University of Cadiz
Angel delValls University of Cadiz
Emma Reyes Reyes University of Cadiz
Alexei Suzyumov CSI-UNESCO
Alice Newton University of Algarve
Nikolay Plink RSHU
Irina Firova RSHU
Georgy Gogoberidze RSHU
Filomena Cardoso University of Aveiro
Luigi Bruzzi University of Bologna
Roberta Guerra University of Bologna
Carolina Perez Valverde EUCC- The Coastal Union
Julian Barbiere IOC-UNESCO

University of Cadiz
Marine and Environmental Sciences Faculty
Avda. Saharaui, s/n-PUERTO REAL

Working days: 17th -19th November, 2005


Three days (Thursday to Saturday), in that the activities will be distributed in three sessions in the morning (from 9oo to 14oo) and three in the evening (from 16oo to 20oo) until finishing all items.

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