Project Meetings » EUCC - the Coastal Union, Leiden, the Netherlands, 16-19, May, 2006 » Agenda

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   - Gogoberidze Georgy
   - Sergey Vinogradov, head of RSHU Internet Technologies Department, RSHU
   - Sergey Vilenkin, head of RSHU Information Technologies Department, RSHU
   - Alfredo Izquierdo (Project coordinator)
  EUCC-The Coastal Union and EUCC Mediterranean Centre:
   - Erik Devilee (Webmaster)
   - Carolina Perez

Discussion issues:

    1. Introduction to EUCC and RSHU websites and training progammes. Techniques and technology used.

    2. Discussion on project website and its possibilities:
  • Technology used and it possibilities
  • Target group: who we address in the different areas of the website (general and log in area) and what info we want to facilitate? How do we want to facilitate that info?
  • Will all the curricula be provided here?
    3. CDROM: Technological and content aspects
  • RSHU and EUCC CDROM production experiences (From EUCC side we could introduce i.e. CoastLearn CDROM and CoastBase)
  • Technology: options; compatibilities and incompatibilities between website and CDROM development software
  • Production: Technical possibilities for the production of the CDROM. Compilation via the website log in area?
  • Contents: ICM training modules? Only case studies? What is the difference between website and CDROM contents?
    4. Templates to develop case studies compatible with the CDROM (and if the case website) development.

    5. Conclusions to bring to the next EU-COMET 2 meeting end of May

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