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 G.G. Gogoberidze, A.S. Averkiev. Coastal Zone Economics. - St. Petersburg, Russian State Hydrometeorological University Publishing House, 2003. 213 p.
     The book gives the essential statements of the theory of economics aiming at its application to integrated coastal zone management. It presents the review of the economic conditions and outlooks for development of the coastal zone of the World Ocean and the Russian Federation, in particular.

ISBN 5-86813-049-9
© Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), 2003
© G.G. Gogoberidze, A.S. Averkiev, 2003


Opening Address
European Union-COMET: a TEMPUS/Tacis Project as a tool for the development of training and education in integrated coastal management in the Russian Federation.


Part 1. Economical geography of the coastal zone
  • Chapter 1. International legal regime of sea areas
  • Chapter 2. Geography of population settlement and distribution of industries on the coast of the World Ocean
  • Chapter 3. Development of oil-and-gas and mineral resources of the coastal zone of the World Ocean
  • Chapter 4. Geography of commercial fishery
  • Chapter 5. Sea infrastructure and sea transport
  • Chapter 6. Geography of the sea and ocean tourism. Problems and tendencies in protection of waters of the World Ocean and its coastal zone
  • Chapter 7. A brief economic review of development and problems of the coastal zone of the Russian Federation
Part 2. Applied aspects of the coastal zone economics
  • Chapter 1. The concept of the environmental economics
  • Chapter 2. Economical estimation and principles of the coastal zone classification
  • Chapter 3. Firms and markets in the macro- and microeconomics
  • Chapter 4. Business tasks. The theories of determination of the aims and tasks in business
  • Chapter 5. Investment: theory and practice
  • Chapter 6. Corporation strategy and business economics
  • Chapter 7. Examples of economic estimation for different branches of the coastal zone economics

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