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 M. Kononenko, M. Shilin. Integrated coastal management planning strategies - St. Petersburg, Russian State Hydrometeorological University Publishing House, 2003. 181 p.
     The principles and methods of scientific planning for practical care of the coastal zone are analyzed on the basis of a systems approach. As an object of planning, the coastal system, its ecological, economical, and social sub-systems, is examined. The role of planning in integrated coastal zone management is revealed and discussed. Case studies and exercises are proposed for training in practical planning in the coastal zone.

© Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), 2004



PART 1 Coastal zone as an ecological, social and economic system
  • Chapter 1.1 Coastal zone as a natural object - an ecosystem
  • Chapter 1.2 Coastal zone under anthropogenic pressure
  • Chapter 1.3 Comprehensive approach to identifying the object of planning
SECTION II General principles of coastal zone development planning
  • Chapter 2.1 Coastal zone planning: background
  • Chapter 2.2 Planning for the coastal zone as a complex system
    • "Top-down" v "bottom-up planning"
PART 2 Practical planning
  • Chapter 3.1 Classification of coastal zone development plans
    • Principles of classification and choice of criteria
    • Time-scope: short-term and long-term plans
    • Legal status
    • Level of integration
  • Chapter 3.2 Planning as a multi-level process
  • Territorial classification of plans
  • Planning at the national level
  • Regional plans for coastal zone development
  • Local and sub-local level of planning
  • Chapter 3.3 Object plans in coastal zone management
    • Application of object plans
  • Chapter 3.4 Process of drawing up a coastal zone management plan
PART 3 Monitoring the project
  • Chapter 4.1 Principles of monitoring
    • Background
    • Guidelines
  • Chapter 4.2 Wise practice characteristics
  • Table 1 Environmental, social and economic characteristics of the coastal zone
  • Table 2 Factors influencing coastal zone dynamics
  • Table 3 Ecological, social and economic analysis of coastal systems
  • Table 4 Dialectic position of models and plans for coastal zone development
  • Table 5 Methods of classifying plans
  • Table 6 Scale of coastal zone development planning
  • Table 7 Examples of object plans used in coastal zone management

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